Operation SPOT, Stop Pet Overpopulation Today
Missouri 501(c)(3) since 1995

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PO Box 29563 St Louis, MO 63127 - ph: 314.995.8678 - fax: 636.629.0835



Leanne Martin, President
Stacey Knight, Vice President
Elaine Hunter, Treasurer
Julie Stroetker, Secretary

Executive Director- Liz Rudder

Board of Directors

Nina Divinny
Sarah Casey Newman
Robin Wood
Liz Rudder, Ex-Officio

Advisory Council

Bob Baker
Steven Broadbent, CPA
Nancy Grove, Esq
Brooke Lund
Daniel Smith, DVM
Ledy VanKavage, Esq
Cecily Westermann

Executive Director

Liz Rudder


Facebook Director
Jason Cook

Jason Cook

Our Means

To fulfill our mission, OpSPOT facilitates affordable spaying and neutering by area veterinarians; advises on public policies about spaying, neutering, and responsible dog and cat care; educates the public about responsible dog and cat care, which includes:

  • Spay or neuter
  • Keep cats indoors, and humanely confine dogs outdoors under supervision or indoors.
  • Obtain vaccinations, licenses and microchips for all dogs and cats. Apply visible ID tags.
  • Make advance arrangements for the care of pets in case of a disaster or a personal emergency (such as hospitalization or house fire) .

Admission/Euthanasia Stats

Each year OpSPOT compiles the admission/euthanasia stats for our focus area as reported by the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Op[SPOT's focus area: Crawford, Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis Counties, and St. Louis City. These figures are reported by the individual agencies on their licensing applications. Agencies: shelters, impoundment facilities, contract kennels and rescue groups.The last 9 years are below:

Admitted= 57,330
Euthanized= 21,742

Admitted= 56,127
Euthanized= 19,558

Admitted= 50,529
Euthanized= 15,405

Admitted= 50,946
Euthanized= 14,170

Admitted= 48,350
Euthanized= 11,385

Admitted= 44,393
Euthanized= 8,983

Admitted= 49,635
Euthanized= 8,075

Admitted= 48,436
Euthanized= 7,519

Admitted= 46,696
Euthanized= 7,153

Our Mission

Operation SPOT (OpSPOT) is dedicated to eliminating the unnecessary euthanasia of dogs and cats in St. Louis and surrounding areas. We were founded in 1995 and incorporated as a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation

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Operation S.P.O.T.
Stop Pet Overpopulation Today
Post Office Box 29563
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Telephone: 314-995-8678
FAX: 636-629-0835
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