Operation SPOT’s “TenSPOT Fix”

Held each March and September, this program has participating veterinary clinics throughout the area who will spay or neuter any healthy cat and any healthy dog under 50lbs for $10. Additional charge for larger dogs and some clinics require proof of vaccination or they can be purchased from the clinic. Call 314-995-8678 to find out more. [ Download current flyer ]


This is a referral service provided by Operation SPOT, which lists all area veterinary clinics who have pledged to provide low-cost spay neuter to healthy animals at the following rates:

  • Male cat = $30
  • Female cat= $40
  • Male dog= $50
  • Female dog= $60

Does not include vaccinations, which some clinics require. Call 314-909-VETS for a listing of clinics.